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And if you're going to drop the subframe, you may.

Use a long punch and hammer, knock supporting bolt up into car.

Mar 13, To replace the subframe bushings: Remove 4 bolt bolts holding subframe to diff, and 4 bolts+nuts holding trailing arms to the subframe. Remove the stock subframe bushing by making this setup on a bench vise: The sockets go in these slits.

Have a helper hold the subframe while you set everything up. Missing: Waltham MA. Aug 01, When removing the rear subframe on an E30, there is always a possibility that either of the two old bushings will be oxidized and therefore seized/stuck in the body. The OE subframe bushings are made up of an aluminum sleeve with a thick rubber coating around it. The aluminum sleeve protrudes at the top of the bushing and seats into the body during Missing: Waltham MA.

May 11, BMW e30 rear subframe bushing removel and installMissing: Waltham MA. insert the 36 (or 48) inch rod though bushing but not into the car. install a flat washer and a nut at the top; ensure a couple of rod threads are through the nut - for safety's sake. slide the slide hammer weight onto the rod; install a washer and 2 nuts at the bottom; lock the nuts against each treeclear.buzzg: Waltham MA.

How To Remove Stuck BMW E30 Subframe Bushings From The Chassis When I removed the BMW E30 rear beam from the chassis, I ran into an issue where the cent Missing: Waltham MA. Place BMW Special Tool # 33 3 on top of sub frame and screw in # 33 3 through bushing. Place Tool # 33 3 on base of bushing and screw on nut # 33 3 Tighten 24 mm nut until bushing is fully seated in sub frame.

I wouldn't go with race bushings if you want to keep the car reasonably streetable.

Allow tool to sit, tightened, on bushing for at least 10 minutes to ensure bushing remains treeclear.buzzg: Waltham MA. Dec 31, e30 rear subframe bushings-replace or leave. Discussion in 'E30 ' started by 02m3smg2b, Jun 7, I meant to say in the post you can drop the whole rear suspension assembly when you free the rear-subframe-bushing nuts, and the diff-bushing bolt. I edited the post to say what I meant, instead of the trailing arm bolts Missing: Waltham MA. e30 Subframe bushing puller tool.AM.

Sub-Frame bushing puller for E30s and Z3s. I've used this tool to pull approximately 25 sets of bushings so this is a proven design that makes pulling sub-frame bushings an easy job. Price isshipped and the item ships from North treeclear.buzzg: Waltham MA. Jan 27, They have been around for a while.

Pbfut has given directions on how to make a subframe and trailing arm bushing removal tool for less than the cost of shipping your tool around (around 7 or at least that's what I spent on supplies).

You also need adeposit.:eeps: I don't know treeclear.buzzg: Waltham MA.