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Identifying your lavender variety and tailoring pruning to that type.

Nov 26, Pruning. Take a bunch of shoots in your hands, then cut back at least two-thirds of the length with a good pair of pruning shears. Cut a few nodes above the woody base of the bush, but never prune too close to the bottom because they may not grow back.

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Lavandins are mounded in shape and usually larger than English lavender with long stems that tend to fan out from the center.

Sep 28, Not only does the bush look much neater, but it will keep a more compact shape in future, too. Broadcast: Fri 7 Febpm Published: Fri 7 Febpm. Jun 21, Twice-a-year pruning will keep it in check. Light pruning is best after the first harvest, followed by a heavier one during summer or fall. Use secateurs for a single plant and a hedge trimmer if you have many. Prune one-third to one-half of each shrub back after the peak of flowering. Prune all the way down into the woody treeclear.buzzted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Jan 18, Spread them out on paper out of direct light for a few weeks, then fill small bags with the lavender flowers and use them to repel moths while sweetly scenting your clothes. French lavender (Lavandula dentata), flowers for most of the year so it can be hard to choose the best time to prune. It can also be pruned now, just cut back about 25% all over, but I would.

Aug 31, How to Prune Lavender. When pruning lavender, it’s important to start out with a sharp, clean set of pruning shears. Wipe down the blades of your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or bleach to make sure all bacteria and potentially harmful germs are removed from the blades. The next step for trimming lavender is to prune one-third of the plant. Ideally, pruning lavender in spring and fall is a great idea, if you can squeeze that into your garden chore schedule.

When you’re pruning lavender plants that are established, aim to remove at least one-third of all growth. With older plants, you can cut back to a point that’s three leaf pairs above the woody stem area. Prune them immediately after flowering by cutting below the flower wands, well into the foliage 2478 Belmont MA, leaving 1 to 2 in. ( cm) of foliage below the cut. Always make sure there are green leaves left on your lavender when you are done pruning.

Cut lavender flowers can also be used for more than just fresh flower arrangements.

If all the green is. Prune 1/3 of the entire plant, reshaping into a nice mound shape. For those"leggy" verities, you might need to pay more attention to keep them in a nice shape. Go heavier on an old plant but never cut down to the wood base. Why you need to prune lavender? The lavender will develop a woody center and stop producing new shoots.

Jun 15, Prune these lavender in spring when all frost is finished for the season. A frost can kill off new plant growth. How to Trim a Lavender with Woody Stems.

It isn’t hard to learn how to trim a lavender with woody stems. The basic rule of pruning lavender is not to trim into brown, dead wood. You’ll usually find brown branches at the base of the plant.